E1. KT Infra Laboratory
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Flexible service designer for NFV

The leading network R&D organization at KT, Infra Laboratory has successfully contributed commercializing new technologies such as ADSL, FTTH, and so forth for years. Given that the world is moving forward to service-driven economy, the laboratory has focused on developing software-centric technologies.
Flexible service designer for NFV is a tool, which enables you to compose a ICT Infra service based on customer’s needs. Through GUI, a new ICT Infra service can be built easily and quickly. This technology enables us to manage attributes and connectivity of virtual appliances as a form of templates. Then, customers can provision and monitor their ICT infra service with the template.
This tool allows customers to have a wide service choice and customized services depending on their needs.
In addition, operators can reduce service delivery time and provide their services to a various customer base.

E2. NKIA Coporation

Real time network fault management system

Network Fault Management System is a solution that performs fault management by collecting several data of complex network devices and infrastructures such as configuration/performance/fault based on big data technology. Through this solution, it is possible to recognize factors promptly which cause faults in data center operations in order to prevent the faults and prepare how to measure them effectively. Also, it provides various visualization tools that visualizes entire network system and helps users monitor and analyze operational status of the network system

E3. Cisco Korea

CMX Solution (Connected Mobile Experience)

  • CMX is Cisco solution include LBS_(Location Based Service)
  • CMX H/W Component is AP / HALO module / Controller / PI_(Prime infrastructure) / MSE_(Mobility Service Engine)
  • CMX LBS S/W Component is KAILOS Engine
  • CMX Solution sensor is Wi-Fi / Bluetooth (BLE 4.0) / Earth magnetic / PDR (Pulsed Doppler Radar) / GPS
  • CMX is Cisco wireless network infrastructure, and additional technologies (Beacon / Earth magnetic / PDR / GPS) solution that provides a variety of services through a fine location information secure than the traditional LBS
E4. Chunghwa Telecom
nkia_logo hicloud Render

hicloud Render is a cloud-based rendering system from Taiwan, developed by Chunghwa Telecom Co.. With the prevalence of visual effects from Hollywood to Bollywood, large and imminent needs for rendering are emerging from the movie industry and animation studios worldwide. Generally rendering is the process of generating an image from a 2D or 3D model by means of computer program. Besides, rendering is the most time-consuming task in the graphics pipeline since thousands of frames are needed to create an animation.
hicloud Render can satisfy those growing needs by allocating dynamic scalable rendering resources in cloud virtualization environments, providing high-performance computation for visual effect rendering. End-users can use ‘pay as you go’ rendering service, which only charges by actual rendering computation amount. Online project sharing collaboration also makes rendering process easy, inside and across studios.